Thank you for your interest in our Fudge Fundraiser.  We make fresh, creamy fudge in our licensed kitchen located at Miss Scarlett’s Gift Parlor, Main Street, Volant, PA, using only the finest ingredients, real cream and real butter!  We offer 12 different flavors on the fundraiser order form.  It is sold in 1/2# boxes for $8.00.  Your organization keeps $3.00 per box sold (that is 40% profit).

Fudge is a great seller! Not only is it supporting small, local business, but it has a great shelf life and freezes very nicely.  Your customers will not be disappointed!  Fudge is wrapped neatly and boxed with a small plastic knife.

We need orders to be collected and turned in two weeks prior to expected delivery date.  We provide a Tally Sheet master for your group to summarize the sales with number of boxes per flavor.  You collect payment with the order and turn in the Tally Sheet with payment of $5.00 per box to Miss Scarlettt’s and keep the balance for your funds.

Please call 724-533-5515 to schedule your fundraiser and provide number of order forms your group requires. We look forward to helping you earn money for your organization!

Thank you!